Knife MORAKNIV Basic 546

Stainless version of the cult cheap knife from MORA for every occasion
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High quality Swedish knife MORA with stainless steel blade, very suitable as "my first knife" for starting campers and often for those experienced who lose their knives. It is excellent for learning wood cutting, knife grinding and versatile work. Its original version of the MORA Q 511 carbon steel blade has made the legendary Canadian survival instructor Mors Kochanski famous. MORAKNIV 546 brings less care to the blade, which is not prone to dampness, but on the other hand it does not hold such a long-lasting blade. Morakniv Basic 546 is the latest innovation of this knife.

The knife handle is made of ergonomically shaped plastic and a guard that protects against slipping of the hand. People have made various modifications for this type - eg. cutting off the guard.

The case is made of plastic, it is not necessary to switch it on or on in the case and it can be pulled or retracted in one movement. The sheath has a belt loop, can also be hung on the neck strap or nail in the workshop.

  • Blade length: 91 mm
  • Blade thickness: 2 mm
  • Overall length: 206 mm
  • Weight: 117 g
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Additional Information
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