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Imagine going hiking without a backpack ... that should be sufficient reason to own one or two :-)

In addition to hiking, the backpack will of course also serve other purposes, for caring lunch to work, for shopping, or of course to school.

There are many types of backpacks for different activities and are basically divided by volume, size, interior layout, carrying system and accessories.

For running you will need a little one with a capacity up to 5 liters, enough to fit there hydrobag and some snack on the road.
For the city, school and for shorter hiking you can do with a backpack with a volume of about 20 liters - accessories and equipment such as hip belt, preparation for a hydrobag, rain protection are not necessary, but they can certainly help. It is ideal if they are modular and thus with the ability to remove the equipment that is not neccesary at the moment.
Multi-day hikes, expeditions and so on already require large backpacks with a lot of equipment. In general, the more time without the ability to replenish supplies, the larger the backpack is required.

We try to supply only backpacks that are professionally and precisely made of quality and durable materials, while being enviromentally friendly.