Three par set of aluminium pots VAR (ALB Forming)

Three part set of aluminium pots - one set - 2 pots, 1 lid, foldable handles
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Classic three part set of pots made from aluminium used in food industry with stained surface. Anlike the stainless version. this one has half of the weight. Because of aluminium finish we do recommend to use wooden or plastic cutlery. Originally was this set of pots created for army needs, but for its unique practicality and utility it is excellent for camping. Complete set contains 3 pots,which can be used for cooking and baking. Popular modification is to drill a hole on big pot, in opposide of handle, so handle can be connected using wire with hole and create kettle, that can be hung above fire.


  • Large pot – diameter: 153 mm, weight: 198 g, volume: 1,25 L
  • Small pot – diameter: 133 mm, weight: 138 g, volume: 0,85 L
  • Lid – diameter: 158 mm, weight: 195 g, volume: 0,30 L
  • Total weight: 426 g
  • Dimensions – diameter: 160 mm, height 110 mm
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Additional Information
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